Read The First Two Chapters of Rick Yancey’s THE LAST STAR

This first two chapters of THE LAST STAR go straight for the feels!

As fans prepare for The 5th Wave to begin its on-screen journey on January 29, 2016, they’re also preparing for the conclusion of the book trilogy!

The Last Star will see Cassie, Ringer, Evan, Ben, and their friends through the terrifying alien invasion that’s quickly annihilating the human population, but can they all make it? After the many twists and turns in the previous books (including the whopper at the end of The Infinite Sea), it seems the aliens may always have the upper hand.

If you can’t wait to get started on the final book in the trilogy, good news! You can read the first two chapters, along with an interview with Rick Yancey, right now thanks to USA Today!



This is my body.

In the cave’s lowermost chamber, the priest raises the last wa­fer — his supply has been exhausted — toward the formations that remind him of a dragon’s mouth frozen in mid-roar, the growths like teeth glistening red and yellow in the lamplight.

The catastrophe of the divine sacrifice by his hands.

Take this, all of you, and eat of it . . .

Then the chalice containing the final drops of wine.

Take this, all of you, and drink from it . . .

Midnight in late November. In the caves below, the small band of survivors will remain warm and hidden with enough supplies to last until spring. No one has died of the plague in months. The worst appears to be over. They are safe here, perfectly safe.

With faith in your love and mercy, I eat your body and drink your blood . . .

His whispers echo in the deep. They clamber up the slick walls, skitter along the narrow passage toward the upper chambers, where his fellow refugees have fallen into a restless sleep.

Let it not bring me condemnation, but health in mind and body.

There is no more bread, no more wine. This is his final communion.


The Last Star hits shelves on May 24, 2015, but you can pre-order it now.

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