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How great is this? LOL

LV: Is it hard to be the only one who knows what is going to happen in your books? Do you have to put a silencing charm on yourself sometimes not to spoil what is yet to come?

VR: You know, it’s not. I’ve always had a problem describing plots and storylines to people, so the whole “nope, can’t say that, it’s a spoiler” thing has been remarkably useful in social situations.

LV: One of the reasons people love the Potter series so much is that with each additional book more moments of the prior books fell into place and made sense. It seems that in Insurgent we are going to dive into the Chamber of Secrets a bit and that Divergent was setting up the background for what is to come in the next two books, is that correct?

VR: One of the only things I really outlined at the beginning was when certain world-building and story questions would be answered. For example, the question “what is a Divergent, actually?” is something I think I answer in all three books, with varying degrees of depth. I like a slowly unfolding series myself, so hopefully people can be patient as they wait for answers. They will come! Eventually!

LV: If we were gifted with Professor Trewlaney’s visions of the future (the 1% that are actually accurate) what would we know to expect in Insurgent?

VR: In Insurgent, Tris is freer to move around inside the city, rather than having to stick with her faction, so you should expect more insight into the other groups in the city (Amity, Erudite, Candor, and the factionless). Also, you should expect death, destruction, and mayhem. As usual.

LV: As you know, I am very devoted to Anagrams. Did you know your name is an anagram for hot carnivore? Anything we should know about that….?

VR: I like steak.

LV: Finally, everyone knows that you can’t lie to the Dark Lord. What are two true things that will happen in Insurgent and one lie in no particular order.

VR: Caleb shoots someone. Tris goes under truth serum. A building explodes.

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