READY PLAYER ONE Photos Explore OASIS, Spielberg Talks Easter Eggs

The OASIS comes to life and Spielberg fails to hide his own influences (thanks to the crew) in new looks at Ready Player One!

Ready Player One is taking the spotlight in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, where new looks and the film and details from the creators are featured.

The film takes place on an overpopulated future Earth where people spend their days in the virtual comforts of Oasis, a virtual reality world where kids go to school, many adults go to work and do business transactions, and everyone builds up fantasy lives rather than living their own. James Halliday (Mark Rylance), Oasis’ creator, died several years back and left his fortune and control of Oasis to the first superfan to solve his scavenger hunt within the game. But cracking Halliday’s super secret world has been impossible– until teenage nobody Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) figures out the first clue and his world is flipped upside down. Now, Wade must solve the rest of Halliday’s mysteries first, without getting himself killed by super-corporation IOI, who wants to win Halliday’s game and control the virtual world for monetary gain.

The magazine has released a shiny new cover featuring Tye Sheridan as Wade, along with several stills from the film.

Due to the heavy nostalgia featured in the OASIS, the film is chock full of 80s references. However, one thing director Steven Spielberg wanted to avoid was gratuitous references to his own 80s movies. Unfortunately for him, the crew rebelled and tried to sneak in references to his films whenever possible.

According to EW, Spielberg caught and nixed graffiti from Gremlins and a sign for Fratelli’s Diner from The Goonies on set, despite the production designers’ attempts at stealth.

The nitpicky director had a little less luck with post-production, where visual artists snuck a gremlin back into a major battle scene.

Still, Spielberg insists that any brand of nostalgia isn’t what this movie is all about: “Nostalgia is only the window dressing — out your side windows, but the movie takes place out your windshield. It’s a race. It’s a competition for control of the OASIS.”

Ready Player One hits theaters on March 29, 2018.

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