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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching SACRED LIES

SACRED LIES is the most addictive mystery thriller that you’re (probably) missing out on!

When you run a website that covers (mostly) YA book-to-screen adaptations, you see a lot of YA book-to-screen adaptations. A LOT. It’s heartbreaking when some of those projects aren’t up to scratch, it’s even more heartbreaking when an adaptation is a total gem that goes under the radar.

One such series is Facebook Watch‘s Sacred Lies, the adaptation of Stephanie Oakes‘ YA cult mystery thriller The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. The story follows sixteen-year-old Minnow Bly, an escapee of the mysterious Kevinian cult found after nearly beating a boy to death, despite the fact that her hands were cut off. In the woods, the charred remnants of the Kevinian cult’s community– including two dead bodies– have been found abandoned. Minnow is the only person who knows what really happened, but can she betray everything she knows by telling the truth?

It’s twisty, gritty murder mystery with powerful emotions behind it

Sacred Lies isn’t horror in the traditional sense, but there have been some horrific scenes to gasp over. You’ll be catch up in the mystery of Minnow and her fate moving forward, but part of that is because you’ll be deeply invested in the characters. The emotion and the wild mystery combined with grab at you, leaving you itching to get to the next episode.

Star Elena Kampouris is one of the most underrated young actresses out there

Elena Kampouris proved she was a capable actress long ago with roles in Before I Fall, Men, Women & Children, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. However, her turn as Minnow Bly is straight-up harrowing, showing range and introspection beyond her years. Let’s get this young lady some acclaim, already!

The secondary cast is spectacular

The web series puts a greater focus on the adults working with (and against) Minnow and made a brilliant choice in casting Kevin Carroll as Dr. Alan Wilson, and FBI psychologist with demons of his own. Katrina Law shines as a former troubled teen who gives back to the girls at the correctional facility as their English teacher. Toby Huss is downright creepy as Kevin Groth aka “The Prophet” of the Kevinian cult. Shane Paul McGhie is equal parts tenderly vulnerable and charming as Jude, the boy from Minnow’s past. But our favorite of the bunch is Kiana Madeira as Angel, Minnow’s realist cynic of a roommate at the Missoula Correctional Facility who teaches the naive former cult member the ways of the world– sometimes quite bluntly– and is an absolute delight to watch.

It doesn’t look or feel like a typical Internet series

When you think “web series,” you probably don’t associate that with quality. Probably because a good chunk of the web series out there are poorly-produced heaps of bad acting over a soap opera script in an awkward setting. Sacred Lies is none of the above. With Blum House on the producing end and great casting to boot, this one is a real TV show that just happens to call the Internet its home.

Cult stories are fascinating– and Sacred Lies’ showrunner has first-hand experience


Let’s face it: The machinations of a cult are forever going to pique our curiosity. They suck in people from all walks of life, giving them hope and proving that we’re all vulnerable in some way. No one knows that better than showrunner Raelle Tucker, whose family was part of the Rajneesh cult movement during her childhood. She brings personal experience to the table while telling Minnow’s story.

It’s easily accessible (and free!) on multiple devices


Got some form of the internet? You can watch this show for zero dollars. Since it’s on Facebook, you can watch it on your phone, kick up full screen mode on your desktop or laptop, or play it right on your Smart TV in the blink of an eye. However you prefer to watch TV, you can watch this show that way.

Episodes are only about 30 minutes long with few, if any, commercials

There’s something to be said for a show you can watch in those in-between moments. The episodes are short enough that you can watch it in your downtime without it taking over your life, and the shorter run time keeps the story’s drama from getting too extra.

The cast and creators want to help you digest it all

Think the show will give you too many feels? Fear not! There’s an after show, during which the cast and creators break down what’s happening in each episode, talking about topics like religion, racism, youth prison systems, and other tough topics covered over the course of the show alongside the big twists and turns! You can watch it here.

Nine out of Sacred Lies Season 1’s 10 episodes are out now. The big season finale episode drops this Friday, September 14th at 9pm EST. There’s still plenty of time to catch up, so go to Facebook Watch and start watching now!

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