Rebecca Mader Will Appear in ONCE UPON A TIME Season 7

Ding-dong, the witch is back! Rebecca Mader is set to appear in multiple episodes in Once Upon a Time’s Season 7.

Rebecca Mader was among the purge of Once Upon a Time cast members between Seasons 6 and 7. Now it has been announced that she will appear in multiple episodes this season, though the details are being kept under wraps. This is good news for fans who might be missing some of the old faces, especially the delightfully wicked one of Zelena.

Zelena had quite the redemptive arc on Once Upon a Time, going from an all-out villain bent on revenge in Season 3 to a sympathetic hero willing to give up her magic in Season 6. At the end of Season 6, Zelena’s “happy beginning” appeared to be with her daughter, Robin, and her sister, Regina. We already know that Regina’s “happy beginning” didn’t pan out as planned, so it will be interesting for us to learn how Zelena fits into the picture in Hyperion Heights.

Mader does have some ideas for Zelena’s potential future arc. While Season 6 was still airing, Mader expressed her desire for Zelena to get her powers back – with some adjustments, of course.

I would think Season 7 would be me trying to get my powers back without trying to kill anyone or whatever, blah blah. Come on. Hashtag redemption.

We’ll see if the writers approve of Mader’s plans for her character. Joining Mader in returning for some Season 7 episodes are Jared Gilmore as a young Henry in the premiere, Jennifer Morrison as Emma in the second episode, and Emilie de Ravin and Giles Matthey as Belle and Gideon, respectively, in the fourth episode, said to be highly Rumple-centric.

Once Upon a Time returns at its new time on Friday, October 6th, at 8 PM ET on ABC.