Recycled Animation: If A Disney Dance Scene Looks Familiar, It Probably Is!

Disney’s recycled animation used in several movies getting called out on YouTube!

Dancing is hard, but it looks like animating a dance sequence is also very hard!

To keep their animated features effective over the years, Disney employed a method you may or may not have noticed called animation recycling. Used in major dance sequences, recycled animation allows the artist behind the scenes to reshape different characters doing the same actions rather than creating fully original sequences. Though in some cases showcased below, the characters aren’t even all the different!

Check out this video, in which YouTube user Movie Munchies mashes up a shared animation between SLEEPING BEAUTY, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, SNOW WHITE, ROBIN HOOD, THE JUNGLE BOOK, and THE ARISTOCATS!

we have to say, we never actually noticed this! Time to re-watch all those old school Disney movies!