Redesigned Sigils of the Houses of Westeros

Check out how Nike designer, Darren Crescenzi, redesigned the family crests of the Houses of Westeros.  These 42 crests have been compiled on a single poster which is available for purchase. This begs the question, will George R.R. Martin approve?

Darren Crescenzi, a Portland-based Brand Designer for Nike and a Game of Thrones devotee, has essentially “re-branded” the house sigils from George R.R. Martin’s five-tome epic. (By “house sigil” I mean coat-of-arms, a family crest; click here to see an earlier post on the subject.)

As reported by Fast Co., Crescenzi re-interpreted what were of course only written descriptions of each sigil mentioned sporadically throughout the books, and found himself engaged in a massive graphic design exercise:

“That endless pursuit of visual consistency [required at Nike] was one of the driving forces behind the look and feel of the poster. I never thought of the project as a series of logos; The approach was much more that of creating an icon set.”

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Source: Core77