REIGN OF THE FALLEN Blog Tour: Meet The Characters

Meet the necromancers, mages, and royals from REIGN OF THE FALLEN!

Sarah Glenn Marsh‘s Reign of The Fallen is about to become your new YA fantasy addiction. Set in a kingdom ruled by the living dead from centuries past, the story follows Odessa, a necromancer who finds her people in more danger than ever as the dead are manipulated and turned into monstrous, bloodthirsty creatures known as Shades. Odessa and her fellow necromancers will have to unlock the secrets behind the rising number of Shades or die trying.

On our blog tour stop, we could wax poetic about this killer novel (the rep! the mystery! the worldbuilding! the action!) all day, but instead, we’re going to focus our fangirling on one very specific aspect: The characters!

Meet the characters you’ll soon love below, complete with official art prints you can snag with your Reign of the Fallen preorder (and some photos for the characters who weren’t included.)



Our leading lady Odessa is one of only a handful of necromancers in Karthia, responsible for entering the Deadlands and retrieving the deceased so they can live once again. Being a necromancer is her calling above all else. She’s fierce, clever, and loyal to an extreme, which proves to be her biggest strength and vulnerability all at once.


Friends since childhood, Evander and Odessa are quite in love. But Evander is of royal descent and his discerning mother won’t let him marry just anyone– especially not a fellow necromancer. “Van” is sweet, but he has a bit of a rebellious streak when it comes to the family rules. He’d gladly leave family tradition in the dust for a chance to explore the world.


Jax is the most rough-and-tumble of the necromancers. He’s strong, gutsy, and a bit rash. He doesn’t really know how to handle feelings, but he cares deeply for his friends. He’s also got everyone in the kingdom swooning over him– it must be those rad tattoos!


Simeon and Odessa grew up in the same convent and refer to each other as siblings. He’s the eternal optimist of the group, daring his friends to see the bright side of their wild world. He’s also part of the most endearing couple ever with his boyfriend, Danial.



Necromancers aren’t the only magical citizens in Karthia! Meredy is not only Evander’s younger sister, but one of the most talented beast masters the kingdom has ever seen. She and her trusty companion, a grizzly named Lysander, make for a team so fierce that the necromancers can barely keep up. Meredy doesn’t take crap from anyone and we love her for it!


Kasmira is one of those characters who’s just so undoubtedly cool. She’s a weather mage and she puts her powers to the best use: Sailing and pirating all over the world, then bringing her goods back home for sale. She’s got a vibrant personality and a badass edge.


Danial, Simeon’s boyfriend, is the sensitive soul you’ll want to cuddle the most. He’s a respected healer who faces rough consequences with each healing, but does it anyway. He worries about Simeon ceaselessly and struggles with his life among necromancers, but always comes through when he’s needed.



In a time when change is forbidden, Princess Valoria is a bit controversial. She loves her studies and inventions far more than any social gathering and wants to improve the kingdom, even though Karthia’s god, Vaia, hasn’t given a sign that allows for change in centuries (hence why a long-dead king still rules.) Valoria is shy, but she’s clever, kind, and a genuinely good friend.


Valoria’s cousin, Prince Hadrien, is Karthia’s living heir, aka the boy who would be king if the dead stayed dead. He’s spoiled, a bit frivolous, and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. He’s also nursing a chauvinistic crush on Odessa, but he may just be playing it up to annoy her.


Here’s the thing: We don’t actually know what King Wylding (or any of the other dead) look like. If even a minuscule bit of their flesh is exposed, they’ll turn into Shades. So the king and his fellow dead wear heavy shrouds to cover their entire bodies. Personality-wise, the king is known for being fair and kind to the less fortunate, though his commitment to stop change does pose some problems.

Now that you’ve met the characters, it’s time to preorder Reign of The Fallen before it drops on January 23rd! Snag it via…

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