Relive Your HARRY POTTER Feels With “See You Again” Tribute Video

“See You Again” tribute video to the characters we lost in the HARRY POTTER series makes fans feel all the things.

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” from Furious 7 has been a massive hit on the airwaves this summer, but it just hit yet another level of feels thanks to a Harry Potter fan.

YouTuber theredsoxfan18 paid homage to the characters that didn’t make it through the Harry Potter series with a tribute video featuring “See You Again” mashed-up with some agonizing scenes. It’s sure to give you your daily dose of nostalgic devastation!

The video was originally posted back in May, but has just recently gone viral.

Will we ever get over the deaths of our favorite characters? We doubt it!


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