Renee Ahdieh Announces Two THE WRATH AND THE DAWN Novellas

THE WRATH AND THE DAWN novellas promise new insight on secondary favorites!

Renee Ahdieh’s The Wrath and the Dawn left us enchanted by the story of Shahrzad, a young girl who wins over the dark, unpredictable Caliph, Khalid. Based on One Thousand and One Nights, Shahrzad spins tale after tale to keep the Capliph from murdering her as he’s done many girls before her, discovering a deep, haunting secret along the way. The story was thrilling, but it left us wondering about the whole beyond Shahrzad. Now, two The Wrath and The Dawn novellas– The Moth and the Flame and The Crown and the Arrow promise to dig into the secondary characters we love!

That’s right! One novella will tell us the story behind Despina and Jalal’s secret relationship, followed by another that delves into Khalid’s life before Shahrzad comes to the castle, out on March 22nd and March 1st, respectively.

We’re in desperate need of these novellas already! Is it March yet?!

The Rose and the Dagger, the sequel to The Wrath and the Dawn, is out on May 3, 2016.

two the wrath and the dawn novellas

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