Repackaged Mortal Instruments Spines

Cassandra Clare revealed the spines for the repackaged Mortal Instruments series on her tumblr, and they are beautiful! The spines form a single picture when all six books are lined up.

Mortal Instruments
From left to right: Jace, Clary, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, and Sebastian



The new cover with the spine


These new paperbacks are scheduled to be released in September 2015.




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Simon was a very experienced archer, he attended a summer camp, participated in their archery program for six summers. In one of the books, he used Alec’s bow to save Alec, Clary, Jace and Isabelle from the greater demon Abbadon. He went on to continue his training when he went to become a Shadowhunter. His skills before he attended were extremely impressive. So much so that his instructor was stunned by his capability regarding a bow and arrow.
This is why she chose to have him carry a bow on the spine, like Alec.

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