Requiem Give away!

News just in from Lauren Oliver;

There are now officially exactly three copies of Requiem in the world. Just three. In the whole world. One is mine. (Lauren Oliver) One is for my dad. And the other… well the other is for one of you!

What I want to know is why YOU should get that one Requiem ARC! Send me your stories! Are you a crazy Delirium fan? Do you have a great and and funny story that occurred because of your obsession? Happy/sad/good/bad/funny/serious/long/short… I want to read them all! Convince me!

Send all your stories to , and put “Requiem Giveaway” in the subject line. I’ll post my favorite stories up here on the blog, and even if you don’t get the one copy, you might get on the list for future ARCs or other Lauren Oliver swag.

I can’t wait!


This is HUGE! News all Delirium Fans out there, I will be entering will you?