Review and Giveaway: FAMOUS IN LOVE By Rebecca Serle

If you’ve ever dreamed of finding your big break and skyrocketing into stardom, prepare to meet your new fictional best friend in Rebecca Serle’s FAMOUS IN LOVE!


Paige Townsen is your average Portland high school student– hanging out with friends after school, working part time in retail, and acting in school plays while dreaming of an actual movie career. But unlike most teens, Paige’s dreams come true when she’s cast in the lead role of an upcoming movie adaptation of a popular book, LOCKED, after a lucky break at a nationwide open audition.

FUN FACT! Rebecca Serle very cleverly wrote LOCKED under the pseudonym “Parker Witter”, the reclusive author of the book within her book. Book inception! You can read it now to get a look at what Paige’s career is based upon!


Paige is soon whisked off to Honolulu to film with movie star Rainer Devon and find out the hard way whether or not she can handle the Hollywood lifestyle. Though she’s intimidated by him at first, Paige and Rainer hit it off pretty easily and it’s not long until rumors about them begin swirling in the tabloids. Unfortunately, scandalous rumors just aren’t what Paige or the LOCKED production team want. To make things worse, LOCKED’s infamous love triangle is completed by Jordan Wilder, an old co-star of Rainer’s that he hates and Paige, well… doesn’t.

If you don’t mind a bit of wish fulfillment (And who does mind, really? Tell them to stop being so lame!), you’ll definitely enjoy being whisked off by this story. Getting your dream job. Finding out the unattainable types aren’t actually so unattainable. Exploring Hawaii. Adorable little moments as people inevitably start to fall for each other. Screaming fans and high hopes. Of course, this stuff is offset a bit by pressure and confusion and a director who doesn’t really think Paige is up to par, but it still does its job!

Rainer is fun and flirty, but very Hollywood in ways that Paige doesn’t understand. His father is a big shot producer, he’s not afraid of tabloid fodder or spending a little money. Out of all the characters, I think he had the most genuine personality, even if he is a little flaky at times. He’s got a spoiled surfer edge to him but he also has an unabashed affection for her that’s really adorable. Jordan has a bad boy reputation and a bit of a surly attitude, but as Paige peels back the layers, she discovers there’s so much more to him than what the magazines and gossip shows know. He’s got a troubled past, a big heart, and a true passion for the movie industry that extends beyond the attention and notoriety.

That being said, you have to be okay with love triangles and uncertain romances if you want to enjoy this book. There are some interesting looks into the movie industry and how it works. There’s also some humorous pop culture references. You can definitely tell that the author has done her research and spent some time on gossip sites over the years and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you can probably think of a few Hollywood headlines and movies that inspired this story. However, that Hollywood aspect is very much in the background of the romantic story line. At times it did feel frustrating because it’s more of a “Who will she choose?” story line than a tale of Paige’s personal journey to fame. But if that’s your cup of tea, you’ll find the mostly innocent romance involved adorable and a bit swoony!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

FAMOUS IN LOVE is out on October 21st, but you can read the first 5 chapters now by clicking on the image below!


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