REVIEW: Legend (novel) by Marie Lu

legendLegend by Marie Lu

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The characters are great. I definitely love Day very much, and I hurt for him. So much bad stuff happened to him for no reason and yet, he still never was angry enough to want to kill others over it. Well, maybe once or twice, but I don’t blame him. If someone messes with my family, I wouldn’t just want to destroy things… I’d want to… well, I won’t answer that thought, but I think you know what I mean.

And then there’s June, and you kind of feel sorry for her, but at the same time, you wonder how someone so smart can be so… ignorant.

Actually, I guess they’re both ignorant in ways, but they are only 15 years old, so really, they’re probably a lot smarter than I was at 15.

Anyway, being that this takes place in a dystopian future, you’re bound to not like a lot of people, and there are certainly at least two that you really end up loathing. One was definitely meant for us to dislike from the very beginning, and you do. I just don’t see how anyone could NOT dislike this person.

The story is not loaded with a bunch of subplots or deep theoretical meaning, or at least it doesn’t seem to be, and it’s pretty straightforward, and maybe a little predictable at times, but it’s still enjoyable to see it all unfold. The few parts that aren’t as predictable as downright messed up. Well, I’m only talking about one instance in particular, and I have to admit, it was so shocking, I literally closed the book and starting hitting it against my forehead (not hard, mind you, but more as this isn’t happening, this isn’t happening, this isn’t happening kind of way).

As I said, this book isn’t pretty deep, but there’s still something to learn from it and the way people treat other people they think that are below them. I finished this book pretty well in one piece emotionally, not too torn up about it all. And I can’t say it’s one of the best books I’ve read lately, however, I’m interested in what’s going to happen now, especially to Day and those that he cares about. Although June carries pretty much half the story, I’m still trying to warm up to her (due to events in the book). Looking forward to reading the next book now.

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