I_Am_Number_Four_The_Lost_Files_The_Search_For_SamThe Search for Sam by Pittacus Lore

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This is the first Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files book that I’ve read, so yes, I’m going a little out of order. So, sorry if review ends up being just a bit spoilery.

When I first started reading it, I was actually a bit confused because of the point-of-view of this story, as it’s not Sam’s point of view, but Adam’s.

Adam is actually not part of the Garde, but he does have a Legacy, and this story delves into how and why he does. Considering there really wasn’t enough of Adam in The Fall of Five, this novella helps shine a light into who he is, and even an idea of contempt the Mogadorians have in general.

I’ve already read all the main books up to The Fall of Five, and after reading The Fall of Five, I already liked Adam before starting this novella. Now that I’ve read this, my attraction to Adam has not lessened, but has increased by quite a bit. He’s a special Mogadorian, and there may never be another Mog like him, one who actually cares about other races/species other than Mogs.

There’re two relationships that take precedence with Adam, the first being with another of a Garde that’s not part of the group we learn of in the main books. Although this is a novella, you get to know enough about their relationship to feel connected to them. Yes, in fact, I did shed a tear or two about it as well. The second relationship is that with Sam Goode’s father, Malcolm Goode. This becomes as important to Adam’s survival as the previous relationship, and I hope to see this part of the story develop more in the next novel.

The final section of this novella occurs at the same time as the final section of The Rise of Nine, but to me, the end of The Search for Sam concludes in a way that leads into the novel after The Fall of Five instead of The Fall of Five itself. With that said, I’m actually glad that I read this after reading The Fall of Five. (Yes, I know I’ve said the title quite a few times.)

As much as I like the characters that make up the Garde, the character of Adamus Sutekh stands out after this story and I really can’t wait to read more about him in the future. I also really want to see how the Garde react to him when/if they finally meet him.

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