Richelle Mead Discusses Upcoming Project

With a fast approaching The Ruby Circle release, Richelle Mead discusses her next upcoming project.

With the release of the final book in the Bloodlines series, The Ruby Circle, approaching quickly; Richelle Mead shares her next book project with the minds over at Publisher’s Weekly.

Although she is bringing one world to a close, she will be opening a whole new world with her upcoming fantasy standalone called Soundless.

“I’ve always been a fan of epic fantasy,” said Mead. “That’s what I grew up reading, and what I’d always thought I’d end up writing. I wanted to write an epic story and create a world, but realized that while many fantasies are based on Western folklore – like Celtic and Norse – you don’t see many fantasies based on the mythology of ancient China, which has so much neat stuff to use.”

According to Publisher’s Weekly, Soundless is centered around a young girl named Fei, who lives in a village that hasn’t heard a sound for tens of years. Until one day she hears a noise.

The concept of hearing sound plays a huge part in this new book.

“The hearing aspect of the plot was a very interesting and challenging piece for me,” said Mead. “Not only did I have to work out how these characters in this isolated town survive if they are unable to communicate with each other, but I also had to figure out how to describe what Fei, who narrates the story, is feeling, since she doesn’t have words to use until she suddenly discovers she can hear – for reasons she can’t understand. It was a great challenge for me, but that’s always what I want: to become a better writer by trying new things.”

Soundless is due back from publishers in November 2015.



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