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Rick And Morgan Clash In THE WALKING DEAD ‘Heads Up’ Sneak Peeks

THE WALKING DEAD characters get a harsh ‘Heads Up’!

The Walking Dead characters may have fended off the Wolves for now, but there’s still plenty to worry about in Alexandria. And as the group tries to prepare and survive in this week’s ‘Heads Up’, it’s becoming clear that Rick and Morgan just aren’t seeing eye to eye?

Two sneak peeks hint at a possible relapse for Morgan, as well as potential for much bigger troubles between the characters.

First off, Rick finds Morgan practicing with his staff along the borders of Alexandria. As the two chat, Rick makes another disturbing discovery along the wall.

Next, Morgan sits down with Rick and Michonne for a very tense conversation about how their predicament with Alexandria’s inexperience and the Wolf in their lair should be handled. It all comes back to that famed debate between what’s right and what’s necessary in order to survive.

We’d hoped that Rick and Morgan would hold some common ground, having started out together, but it seems it will be harder to maintain than we thought!

The Walking Dead‘s ‘Heads Up’ airs this Sunday on AMC!

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