Rick Riordan Breaks Down PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF 10th Anniversary Edition

PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF is ten years old! Can you believe it?

It’s been 10 years since fans were first introduced to the delightful tales of Demigods in PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF. To celebrate, Barnes & Noble is releasing an exclusive hardcover 10th Anniversary Edition!

Rick Riordan broke down all the new features in a new blog post. They include:

  • Glamorized cover design with current cover art from John Rocco
  • International cover designs featured on the front and back inside covers
  • A map of Camp Half-Blood
  • A map of The Underworld
  • Behind-the-scenes information from Rick’s archives, including his original outline and submission letter
  • A look at John Rocco’s cover art design process

Check out some pictures from Uncle Rick himself:






You can order the 10th Anniversary Edition via Barnes & Noble now!

Additionally, Rick Riordan’s final Percy Jackson / Kane Chronicles crossover, THE CROWN OF PTOLEMY, is now available in eBook form! The eBook novella also includes the first chapter of MAGNUS CHASE AND THE GODS OF ASGARD, BOOK 1: THE SWORD OF SUMMER, which is out in October.