Rick Riordan on Annabeth Chase’s Role in Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer was released on October 6th, 2015. Like some of Riordan’s work, this series features mythology, this time Norse.

*some spoilers ahead* 

Magnus Chase is the son of Frey, God of summer, wealth, and light. He had to find Sumarbrander, the sharpest sword in the Nine Worlds in 9 days with the help of Blitz and Hearth, a dwarf and elf, respectively, and Sam, his valkyrie who is the daughter of Loki, and fight against Surt, the Lord of the Fire Giants.

Now Rick Riordan is on a tour for the book and had announced that he’s writing a new book series called The Trials of Apollo, which of course, features Apollo, the Greek God of medicine, the sun, poetry, and others.

In a recent interview, he was asked about certain aspects from the new series, including a romance subplot for Magnus, the appearance of Percy Jackson‘s Annabeth Chase, and more of Norse mythology, and the introduction of a new Greek series, The Trials of Apollo:

There is a lack of romance in the first book, especially for Magnus. Is that something you plan to carry throughout the series, or will we see anything else later on?

I don’t know. It was intentional. It came from the interplay between the characters. Obviously Sam being who she is, that’s not an option. You’re just not going to see that with her. She’s not that kind of girl. Whether there will be romance in the later books, I don’t know how that will play out.

And, of course, fans are very excited that Annabeth showed up. Can we expect to see her in later books too?

You will see her again. I can’t say too much about it. Again, it’s not going to be a whole lot about her, but she will have a role. Not a huge role, but a role.

Which Norse figure do you think would be your godly parent?

You know, I haven’t really thought about that. I would love it to be Loki because Loki is just completely awesome. But I don’t know if that would be true or not.

Read the rest of the interview right here.

The Trials of Apollo

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