Rick Riordan’s Weekend Homework

October 2 may seem a long way away, but I know the publication date for Mark of
Athena is getting closer when my publishers begin sending me boxes of stuff to
autograph. This weekend my job is to sign 1000 tip-in sheets for the limited
U.S. edition of The Mark of Athena.

What does that mean? The box you see
above is full of one thousand title pages from the book — just the title page.
I sign each one and send the box back to the printers, who then ‘tip in’ the
sheets when they bind the book, so the book is printed with my signature already
inside. Pretty cool, huh? Now this is only for the limited edition, which is a
deluxe, more expensive collector’s edition that comes in a slipcover box and has
special artwork by John Rocco. The publisher is only printing one thousand total
of these. They did the same thing for The
Serpent’s Shadow
and The
Son of Neptune
. The regular edition of the book will be cool as well, but I
couldn’t sign all of those, since they print several million of them!

According to Amazon the books will be available October 16 (14 days after the Mark of Athena actually releases) for a discounted price of $58.89 US Dollars.  Here’s what Amazon has to say,

Artfully packaged and given the deluxe treatment, this signed and numbered
limited edition of The Mark of Athena is sure to delight the legions of
fans of the #1 New York Times bestselling series. Each book is
hand-signed by Rick Riordan and includes specially commissioned full-color art
from series illustrator John Rocco. The deluxe slipcase features a wrap-around
illustration and makes an elegant centerpiece for any bookshelf.

The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus, Book 3)

I have a copy of the Son of Neptune Special Edition is it is simply stunning.  The book is super hardy as well as the slip case it comes in.  At least for SoN, there is a built-in blue satin bookmark.  I would imagine the same goes for MoA except this one will be the pink/purple of the cover.  Plus there’s only 1,000 of these little demigod treasures!

(Source Rick’s Blog and Amazon)

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