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Book Review: THE RIFT UPRISING By Amy S. Foster

Read through a world similar to the present, but just a bit more kick-ass with Amy S. Foster’s THE RIFT UPRISING!

The Rift Uprising is an experiment gone wrong novel by Amy S. Foster. Unlike most YA novels this one is a cross of both YA and Adult fiction. It’s a more denser read than the usual YA books but it still captures the essence of the genre.

In result of understanding the properties of dark matter, a multiverse portal opens up on Earth called The Rift. So as to not to cause mass hysteria, world leaders launched ARC, the Allied Rift Coalition, to cover up the experiment.

ARC discovers that homo sapiens are not the only race that has evolved within the multiverse of worlds. Sentient and threatening beings begin to come through The Rift. ARC created a system in which specialized soldiers would defend The Rift from incoming threat. These soldiers would be genetically altered to be superhuman-like. Run faster, fight stronger and become more intelligent than a normal human. These soldiers are known as Citadels.the rift uprising

Amy Fosters novel follows Ryn Whittaker, a Citadel who’s secret militaristic life takes a turn one day when Ezra Massad walks through The Rift. Attraction at first sight could have been the reason, but something about Ezra made Ryn fully trust and want to help him. Together they begin uncovering gruesome facts about ARC and the truth behind the creation of the Citadels.

Unable to trust anyone but her team of Citadels, Ryn and Ezra fight to change how the Citadels were created and expose the truth behind ARC’s intentions.

Amy Foster does an amazing job in world building for The Rift Uprising. The story itself is refreshing, which is very difficult with a science fiction YA/Adult novel. Foster makes the story very relatable using realistic characters and pop culture references, despite the time period being the year 2020. Readers will find interest and excitement in the book and that’s about everything an author wants!

Amy Foster has a knack for incorporating pop culture into her work. Maybe it’s because of the time period the novel is set in, but she does a nice job in putting those tidbits of popular language, shows, fashion, or anything pop culture into a story of science fiction. In doing this she makes it easier to capture her readers’ attention because it allows us to relate to the story.

She does the same thing with her characters. Though, as a set of not-your-typical teenagers they are your typical story characters. A leader, the jokester, the innocent and kind, the brooding, the genius, the mysterious and so on. The characters themselves weren’t as interesting as I expected them to be, though I will praise the use of a female main character because I’m a sucker for female leads, but ARC made sure to choose the average teenagers in order to preserve their most talented.

amy-s-foster-rift-uprisingOne thing that is very difficult in a science fiction novel is world building. You can’t really just make up things and have them work because they do. There needs to be some sort of explanation for certain processes to happen in science fiction. Foster made sure of that when she created Battle Ground. She not only created a different world within the one we now live in but she created The Rift which was brought up from the study of dark matter. She weaves in ARC, the Citadels and other species of beings so well that it seems plausible to happen in real life.

Something that is learned about the Citadels is their prohibition to any sexual emotions. It is instead turned to a blood lust that if not saturated Citadels can possibly kill the other partner. This subplot was a big factor in the movement of the story if not the only reason for the story to move on. It took me a few chapters to fully come to turns with this subplot. It seemed a bit ridiculous but again after a few chapters Foster does a good job weaving it into the main plot of the story.

You won’t get any downtime in the book. You’ll find yourself curious about the Citadels, evermore distrusting of ARC, and rooting for Ryn and Ezra. Amy S. Foster has created a world that is unsettling because of it’s similarity. If you are looking for a new world to walk through The Rift Uprising is your next read and it won’t let you down.

By Kait

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