Rip Hunter Name-Drops DC Hero Universe In LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Clip

A major DC hero connection is made in this LEGENDS OF TOMORROW sneak peek!

A new clip from DC’s Legend of Tomorrow is answering a big question in tonight’s episode: Does the greater DC hero universe exist in the DC television mythos?

While major characters like Batman and Superman are very well known to all of us, DC television shows seem to skirt around their existence as much as possible, even with a show all about Superman’s cousin on air. However, that changes tonight. Check out the comment Rip Hunter makes while explaining why Vandal Savage is so dangerous on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow:

“Men of Steel and Dark Knights fall.”

Now, the details behind this are pretty cagey. Legends is a time travel show and we don’t necessarily know if any of it’s events, even modern day ones, align with the golden age of The Justice League. Sure, The Flash is around, but there are multiple incarnations of the character and he too can time through time. Additionally, Rip isn’t saying that Vandal Savage is the downfall of either character, just that they aren’t immortal beings. It’s pretty vague, purposefully so.

We’ll see if there’s more behind the name-dropping when DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs tonight on The CW.


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