Robert Kirkman shocks fans with real WALKING DEAD spoiler on fake spoiler game

Robert Kirkman spoils the fake spoilers

Robert Kirkman goes canon in fake spoiler game

In an episode of @Midnight, comic co-creator and executive producer for The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman might’ve gone a little too far this time.  If you’re not familiar with the game show @Midnight, it’s somewhat of a fake game show in which comedians compete against each other in a nonsensical points system.  Competitors are challenged with categories in pretty much any pop-culture reference for the most part.  The show is hosted by none other than Walking Dead uberfan Chris Hardwick, who also hosts The Talking Dead.

This time, however, he had an special Walking Dead episode of the show and brought in Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie Green, Josh McDermitt who plays Eugene Porter, and Kirkman.

In one of the categories of the game called Walking Dead Spoilers, Hardwick decided to take advantage of the fact he had Dead guests on and thus challenged them to create their own fake spoilers of the show.

It’s all fine and dandy with silly little fake spoilers like Cohan saying that Carl has been wearing a wire during the show, and McDermitt saying that Beth comes back as a dog (that sings, of course), and other such creative fare.

However, it’s during Kirkman’s second time around that he drops the bomb with something that is quite true in the graphic novel.

**possible TV show spoiler below**

In the way he says it, you just know it doesn’t sound as fake as it’s supposed to sound:

“Eventually a character named Negan is introduced. He’s going to bash in Glenn’s brains with a baseball bat called Lucille.”

For those that have read The Walking Dead graphic novels, this actual bit of information won’t come as much of a surprise, but the delivery of it only seems to bring the pain back for the fans.  It is evident in the reaction of the audience that many of them have read the graphic novel, and probably fear that certain part of the story will actually happen in the show.

For those that have no idea what’s coming, well, it’s just plain jaw-dropping to hear, especially when you realize it’s coming from someone who has control over what happens in the show.  There’s even a slight twisted tease about this in the episode “What’s Happened and What’s Going On” when at one point, Glenn is holding a baseball bat.

Considering that the group has now arrived in Alexandria, you can kind of guesstimate how far into the series the possibility of Negan showing up and the eventual scene that Kirkman just described.  In the comics, this scene happens in Issue 100.  And if you’re trying to sync what’s happening in the show to the comic, Rick’s group first meets Aaron in Issue 67.

So, there’s still time before then, I think, to start worrying about Glenn’s head.  Remember that not everything goes the way it has gone in the comics, and already some things have happened that doesn’t in the graphic novels.  One thing’s almost certain.  Kirkman has stated that he’s 99 percent sure that Negan will appear in the show.  That’s something that fans both are excited about and dread at the same time.

You can watch the uncensored full episode of @Midnight here.



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