Robin Can’t Be Trusted In New ONCE UPON A TIME Clip

A new clip shows us that Robin is a shady character now that he’s returned to ONCE UPON A TIME!

Robin of Locksley is back on Once Upon a Time, but not in the way that Regina and audiences were expecting.

Regina brought her once-soulmate Robin back from the wish realm, only to discover that this man isn’t the same Robin she loved and lost. This Robin is super shady and was stealing hearts from Regina’s tomb in last week’s episode. In a new E! Online clip for tonight’s episode, we see Robin looks through some strange items he keeps hidden in the woods, hastily brushing off a concerned Regina when she stops by.

We doubt this character is simply misunderstood and we’re really concerned with his motives. Might he be a force for the Evil Queen? Either way, this is probably going to be a rough ride for Regina.

Hopefully, we’ll find out a bit more when Once Upon A Time airs tonight on ABC.

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