ROGUE ONE Honest Trailer Gets Real About “Prequel Movie Number 4”

Screen Junkies breaks down the first STAR WARS anthology film with a humorous flair!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is out on Digital HD and DVD, which means it’s time for the Honest Trailers treatment!

Screen Junkies is ribbing the first anthology movie in the popular franchise, pointing out odd quirks and how this story changes (or doesn’t change) perspectives on the Star Wars universe.

The video humorously breaks down “the most money anyone’s ever spent to fill in a plot hole” with some hilarious commentary on data transfers, the Stormtroopers’ not-so-improved shooting, and the character with the biggest personality not even being human. But of course, no one is immune to Darth Vader’s badass fight scene!

Well, hopefully we all know how to spell “rogue” now!

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By Kait

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