ROGUE ONE Magazine Covers Explore The Light and The Dark Side

Jyn Erso faces the dark side on ROGUE ONE magazine covers!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first standalone adventure in the franchise and the only film that doesn’t focus primarily on the Jedi, but the forces of light and dark are still very much at play. That’s why Entertainment Weekly is featuring both in two new magazine covers!

Each cover shows Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), the ultimate figure of The Rebellion, standing tall in front of a representation of the Dark Side: In the regular edition, she’s standing in front of the Death Star and in the Barnes and Noble special edition, in front of Darth Vader himself.



The magazine promises a major new look into the film is its upcoming issue, but snuck in some great quotes from the director Gareth Edwards into the cover reveal. He talked all about the unexpected ease of creating the world:

“It’s hard to get intimidated when you can constantly look left and see a Stormtrooper or look right and see an X-Wing. It just feels like you’re at home again.”

This issue hits newsstands on Friday.

By Kait

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