Rose Leslie reveals Ygritte and Jon Snow’s Relationship ‘Heats Up’ in Season 3

In one week season 3 will finally be here and like us, many of you are probably looking forward to seeing how Ygritte and Jon Snow’s relationship is going to evolve.  Rose Leslie, who portrays Ygritte, has given a few hints as to how things are going to play out between the two in a recent interview with The Huffington Post!



HuffPost TV: What can viewers expect from Ygritte in Season 3?
Rose Leslie: We see a lot more of Ygritte in Season 3, and we see the relationship between her and Jon Snow develop on their journey. It’s far more intense. We also see her boundaries break down; she’s an incredibly strong and powerful woman, but she does soften a little bit when it comes to Jon Snow.

Speaking of Jon Snow, are things going to heat up between her and Jon this season?
You do see the relationship between the two of them flourish, so to speak. But without giving away too much to spoil it, yes — it does heat up.

How did your real relationship with Kit play into things on set?
Kit is a very good friend of mine and we got on well. We have similar senses of humour. The fact that we are friends off-set really does help with our characters on-screen and we are able to bounce off each other more fluidly. But also it’s incredible to be able to work off of someone like Kit because he is so talented and he allows you to play. That is a lovely thing.

In Season 2 we see Ygritte tease and toy with Jon Snow quite a bit. What does Ygritte really think of him?
At the end of Season 2 she’s ultimately incredibly intrigued by this man. I don’t think she’s ever come across anybody like Jon Snow in her life. He’s a bit opposite of the wildling men she had been growing up with and that she’s used to. She’s a little bit dumbfounded by Jon Snow but she wants to try and understand him. She’s also a bit baffled; he takes himself so seriously, and she derives a lot of pleasure in antagonizing him and teasing him the way she does. She has a lot of fun in that respect. Ultimately, I think she can’t quite put her finger on it, but there’s that element of ‘I want to get to know you better because you are such an enigma to me.’

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