RUMOR Catching Fire Teaser before showing of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2?

A post on Tumblr shows apparent instructions for movie theatre employees during screenings of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Underneath “PLEASE PROGRAM THE FOLLOWING TRAILERS” you can see it says “Hunger Games: Catching Fire logo reveal.” 


It has not been confirmed/denied whether this is real or not real, but if it is what sort of logo reveal do you think we’ll be getting? The teaser (watch below) for The Hunger Games showed Katniss running around in the woods with Gale narrating in the background, and the iconic mockingjay logo bursting in flames at the end. Let us know if you’ll be watching Breaking Dawn part 2 and whether or not they show a teaser!


Source: Hunger Games Examiner

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