RUMOR: Is Jenna Coleman Leaving DOCTOR WHO?

The Mirror is reporting, what we will file under RUMOR since it has not be confirmed in any way, shape, or form, that Jenna Coleman, who plays companion Clara Oswald, will be leaving the show after this year’s Christmas special.


According to The Mirror:

The actress, 28, is believed to be quitting her role as the Time Lord’s assistant in a sensational Christmas storyline.

Her exit could bring an end to her 18 months as Clara Oswald, creating a vacancy for another sidekick to star alongside new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi.

Yesterday a source said: “The conversations about Jenna’s exit have started, and a plan is in place which is being ironed out.

“By the time she leaves she will be one of the longest-standing companions ever. She has been absolutely brilliant in the role, but everyone agrees it is a part that should change after a period.”

“It’s important to keep the series moving and fast-paced, and the time is just starting to feel right and the feeling is that it could be a perfect Christmas storyline.”

If this true, I, personally, am a bit disappointed as I believed Clara and Twelve would make an AMAZING team! At least for more than one season.  While, we don’t know if there is any truth to this at the moment, we will let you know as soon as we have confirmation, either way.

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