Sabriel author Garth Nix announces new book for Old Kingdom series

With the help of Epic Read, Garth Nix reveals the title of the fifth book for the Old Kingdom series

Fantasy YA author Garth Nix has announced the title for the fifth book in his long-running Old Kingdom series, aka the Abhorsen Chronicles, which started with Sabriel in 1995.  Of course, Epic Reads had to get their word in on this as well.

So, the title is Goldenhand!  Here’s what’s known about it, according to Goodreads:

According to Nix’s author’s note at the end of “Clariel”, this novel will be about Nicholas Sayre and Lirael following the events of the short story “The Creature in the Case”.

Expected publication date is October 2016, which gives you plenty of time to read the first four books in the series before then!


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