Sam Tests Her Luck In New BEFORE I FALL Clip

BEFORE I CALL clip shows Sam getting fiesty with her teacher!

When you’ve got seemingly infinite chances to live one day just right, you can test your luck a bit. And that’s exactly what’s happening in a new clip from Before I Fall titled “Am I Breaking Your Heart?”

The movie, based on the best-selling YA novel by Lauren Oliver, tells the story of Sam Kingston, a mean girl who is forced to relive the last day of her life over and over again after a brutal car accident in an attempt to change things for the better.

It seems Sam (Zoey Deutch) gets bolder as she realizes she’s going through the same day over and over again. On this particular version of the day, she seems especially sharp as she throws out flowers given to her by friends and crushes, then gets a little inappropriate with her very attractive teacher, Mr. Daimler (Diego Boneta). Meanwhile, Kent McFuller (Logan Miller) watches in distress.

In a small does of humor, the class is talking about talking about Sisyphus, the Greek myth of a man forced to roll a boulder up a massive hill every day only to have it fall back down under the pressure of its own weight just before reaching the top. The fable is commonly used as a lesson against stubborn activities and/or attitudes that fail to have any true meaning or results.

Before I Fall comes to theaters on March 3, 2017.

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