Samantha Shannon, BEA, and ‘The Bone Season’ film

Samantha Shannon finally shares a bit more about the film adaptation of her best-selling book The Bone Season.  She spoke with Andy Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish of Waterstone Piccadilly, London. They discussed various aspects of the film making process, some of which Shannon hadn’t known before.

Check out a brief clip of Andy Serkis & the discussion below!


Samantha also shares what will be happening during her appearance at BEA (Book Expo America) this year. She will be distributing “big” samplers of her new book The Mime Order, which is the second book in The Bone Season series. It will be happening at the Bloomsbury booth #1479. Check here for the times of the giveaways.

Here she is reading an excerpt from the new book!


One things that I will mention that I respect Samantha Shannon for is how prominent her voice is throughout the development of The Bone Season film. There’s an ongoing concern about the “whitewashing” of her characters for the film. She specifically states,

I can’t stand whitewashing in films, and I will do everything in my power to make sure characters like Juilian, Liss, Nadine, and Zeke are not played by white actors.

Granted, there has been no official discussions of casting options at this point, but it IS worth acknowledging that the concern is at the forefront of the author’s mind.

Thanks to Samantha Shannon for sharing this with her fans!