Samantha Shannon Talks THE BONE SEASON Movie, Along with Special Guests Jonathan Cavendish And Andy Serkis

British author Samantha Shannon was accompanied by producer Jonathan Cavendish and actor Andy Serkis at a book event at Waterstones in London to promote the paperback release of The Bone Season, the first book of her Bone Season series.  Why, you wonder, was Jonathan and Andy there?  Well, their company, The Imaginarium, which specializes in performance capture (something that Andy Serkis is well known for), will be involved in creating the Samantha’s world to screen.  Thus, they came out in support of Samantha and the series itself.

Samantha Shannon & film producer Jonathan Cavendish sharing a life at the Waterstones event in London

Andy compared the universe from ‘The Bone Season’ to an onion, because it keeps unravelling. A reason he was so attracted to the book was because that the world was ever expanding just like ‘Lord of the Rings’. They also talked about the ‘fights’ that occurred between publishers and film makers to have the rights to the book and how Samantha had been awestruck after having a Skype meeting with Andy Serkis in New Zealand with Orc’s walking past the camera. It really showed how down to earth this incredible young author is.

Incredible actor, Andy Serkis talks ‘The Bone Season’ and why he wanted to be a part of such a truly amazing book.

The audience were also asked who they would like to play certain characters, with Samantha saying she had always wanted Benedict Cumberbatch or Alexander Skarsgard to play Jackson. Other familiar names came from the audience such as Tom Hiddleston or Cillian Murphy to play the warden. And Saoirse Ronan as Paige, which both Andy and Samantha liked the idea of, especially since Shannon said Paige was always Irish in her head. This also brought up the question whether it would be filled with famous names, Andy said that as a franchise they would need to have actors and actresses who are well known but they did want to look to newcomers for the younger characters.

And to think, Samantha is only 22 years old!  If you haven’t read her book, The Bone Season is out in hardcover now, and will be out in paperback on May 6th.  The Mime Order, the 2nd book in the 7-book series, will come out on October 21, 2014.  There will be an excerpt from The Mime Order in the paperback version.

Samantha will be touring a few cities in the U.S. later this month, and you can check out the tour details here.

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