See the cover for Sarah Dessen’s ONCE AND FOR ALL Novel

We have a humorous and romantic book for the future wedding planners of the world called ONCE AND FOR ALL by Sarah Dessen. 

Just released was cover for the upcoming book by YA author Sarah Dessen titled Once and For All. This time around, Sarah’s brings us into the life of a wedding planner’s daughter. Despite being around events that involve love and the union between two people, said daughter Louna can’t help but be cynical about it.  But things start to change for Louna when Ambrose comes into her life.

Dessen has a way with creating characters that teens love and Louna and Ambrose are sure to be two more characters for readers of her books to get all shippy about.

Intro to the excerpt by Sarah Dessen:

Louna, the narrator of Once and for All, has grown up in the wedding business. Since childhood, she’s watched her mother and her mother’s best friend William, the best wedding planners in town, work with all kinds of brides to make their Big Day their best day. When it comes to love and romance, however, Louna always been a cynic in her own heart. But everything is different when it happens to you. Even—and especially—falling in love.


You can read an excerpt of the book here at

Once and For All will be published on June 6, 2017, and you can pre-order here.

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