Sarah Faces Off With Castor Clone in ORPHAN BLACK Preview

The seestras aren’t the only clones in over their heads in this ORPHAN BLACK preview!

As Season Three of ORPHAN BLACK came to a close, Sarah and her sister clones made a shocking discovery: Project Castor also created some “brothers” alongside them. And these brothers (all played by Ari Millen) don’t all have the best of intentions.

Now we can glimpse at what chaos the Castor clones will bring in Season 3. Check out this new ORPHAN BLACK preview from the premiere episode, in which Sarah questions Rudy aka Scarface in hopes of getting some answers on Helena’s disappearance. But Rudy is pretty malicious and seems to be the show’s take on BATMAN’s twisted, maniacal villain The Joker!

Ari Millen is now taking on Tatiana Maslany’s insane task of playing multiple characters at once, but hopefully not all of them are quite as infuriating as Rudy.

Can’t wait? Check out this exciting new trailer that was also just released:

ORPHAN BLACK returns to BBC America for Season 3 on April 18, 2015.