Schoolboys make a FULL Hobbit movie

No, it’s not the Peter Jackson version, but considering these 8-13 year-old boys put this together on basically no budget, this is a pretty remarkable achievement. See their trailer, which makes use of Enya in the background:


We hope Peter Jackson and the Warner Bros people do something to promote these kids’ work! Here are some more details, courtesy of Digital Spy:

A total of 70 schoolboys aged 8-13 from the school have starred in the 90-minute version, which was filmed across the UK.

The film was made on a shoestring budget, while a CGI dragon was created for the project.

Cliff Web – the father of one of the actors – helped produce and edit the film with his production company, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Tower House’s head of drama – who directed the film – spoke of his pride at the finished project.

“The boys showed great dedication to this project which shows the quality of drama that a school can produce,” he told the Evening Standard.

“It was our ambition to do something totally unique, something no other school has ever done. As far as I am aware we are the first prep school to do a full feature-length film.”

The film had its official premiere at the Curzon Renoir Cinema in Russell Square.

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