Scott Westerfeld to Release Four New UGLIES Novels

Scott Westerfeld returns to the UGLIES world with four new novels!

Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies began as an interesting story about what it means to be “pretty” in a dystopian world and expanded into something much bigger from there. Now, we will be able to see more from the Uglies world later this year as Westerfeld is releasing a new novel, Impostors.

There will be a total of four new Uglies novels that will follow the story of a girl named Frey, who has been raised to be an impostor. It will mainly be about dealing with the consequences of Tally Youngblood, who ended the Pretty regime in the earlier novels.

Westerfeld recently released a book trailer for the upcoming Impostors and also gave away some details about the book over on his blog. You can watch the trailer below.

Not much is known about Impostors or the other novels yet, but there’s the promise of a cover coming soon.

Impostors releases on September 11, 2018. You can pre-order a copy via Amazon.

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