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SDCC 2019 Interviews | The cast of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

The fun thing about San Diego Comic-Con is that not all things pertain to comics, as we’ve seen through the years. And sometimes, we get a chance to talk to some really fun people, like the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Regarding another Halloween Heist, Andy Samberg (Jake) said this:

“Don’t know. Wow! Don’t know. I feel like we won’t do it the same again. That’s my guess. It hasn’t been determined yet, though.”

As far as the certain aspects of their characters being integrated into their real life, Melissa Fumero (Amy) said this:

“Thankfully no. I would love to say that I’ve gotten more organized…she’s a little extra. She’s a lot of energy. I’m already tired in my everyday life.”

When asked about their favorite cold open is, Joe Lo Truglio (Charles) said this:

“There’s a lot of classic ones like ‘I want it that way,’ and ‘Dianne Weist,’ which is a classic. One I like is when Boyle comes in dressed as a turkey and doing his little voice and is like, gobble, gobble, gobble, and they’re waiting to introduce him to the parents of someone who just died.”

As for Terry Crews (Terry), he mentions another classic:

“One that cracks me up, every time I see it is ‘Frosted Tips’. ‘Frosted Tips,’ when [Jake] came back from Florida, and he’s like, I love it, I love, and we make him get ’em cut off, and you come in with the tips!”

In regards to the series changing networks, showrunners Dan Goor and Luke del Tredici had this to say:

“Honestly, like, NBC has always produced the show, they bought the show knowing what it was, and they never wanted us to do anything different. And we didn’t feel at Fox there was any pressure to make it a Fox show. We just always have made the show we always wanted to make, and we’ve continued to make the show we want to make. Some minor differences in terms of bleeping out curse words we weren’t allowed to do, but other than that, we’ve just continued to do our thing. Both networks had remarkable support.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return for Season 7 in 2020.

By Nat, the Geek Girl

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