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SDCC 2019 Interview: Carlos Valdes Talks THE FLASH

Carlos Valdes kept it very real during his roundtable interview with us at San Diego Comic Con, avoiding “shitty talking points” and digging into the meat of Cisco’s personal journey for The Flash Season 6.

That journey is bigger than ever, of course, because Cisco chose to take the metahuman cure in Season 5– a plot point that surprised the actor as well as audiences.

“Sometimes we get a bit of leeway as to what we want to see with our characters as we work on the show, but that particular decision was not something I sort of instituted, so it surprised me a little bit when I started reading about his desire to get rid of these powers. But at the same time, I accepted the challenge… because I like new things, unexpected directions, as long as they’re plausible and justified in some way.”

Cisco may be very different, but the actor insists that it won’t throw Team Flash off too badly and the character relationships are as strong as ever.

“I think part of what’s great about Team Flash is that they’re family, right? They’re a core unit. Even though you may not always understand why your Uncle Bob did X, Y, or Z, you can love him enough to support him through that decision and respect him. I think that’s definitely the kind of energy that’s being explored between these characters… You know, Cisco can’t be his best Cisco if he’s not happy.”

Carlos Valdes also promises that the loss of vibe won’t result in the loss of Cisco’s life outside Star Labs. The show, he says, will follow Cisco home a little more after he clocks out, exploring his friendships and relationship with Camilla.

“He’s really on top of the world. He’s kind of reaping the rewards of everything he’s wanted… I think that was important to him to maintain a sort of emotional stasis was to create a barrier between that work life and that personal life, which was emblemized in his relationship with Camilla Wang.”

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The Flash returns to The CW for Season 6 on October 8, 2019.

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