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SDCC 2019 Interview: Grant Gustin from THE FLASH

Grant Gustin talks where things pick up when The Flash returns for season 6.

Barry is dealing with a lot of shocking news in the aftermath of the season 5 finale. His daughter Nora is gone, the timeline on the newspaper article has moved up, and the Monitor is back with the message that Barry Allen must die.

“Right out of the gate we’re seeing the fallout of Nora’s vanishing and the different ways that Barry and Iris are both kind of not dealing with it in the best possible way. So that’s kind of where we pick up.” With Barry’s possible demise, “Iris is very Iris in her resolve when we find this information out and Barry kind of finds his strength in her and trying to kind of figure out what we’re going to do next. I think Barry is a little more shaken to be honest than Iris when we get this news and she kind of snaps him out of that. Makes him realize this is huge and let’s focus on what we need to focus on and figure out what to do next.”

With Arrow ending its run next season, Grant was asked if he felt more pressure to step up.

“It will be the Arrowverse forever, I can’t imagine that it’s ever going to be called something else. That’s the universe we live in. I think that our shows have always kind of like existed very separately and that’s why it’s so cool to see us cross over and come together. So it’s not like either of us really need the other show to stand up on our own two legs but it’s going to be weird without them. It’s going to be really, really weird. And you know we only have one season technically contracted after this season so, we could be next.”

You might be surprised at the type of scenes, he enjoys filming and hopes to see more of.

“We haven’t done much of it with the bowling stuff we did, the karaoke stuff. You don’t need a whole episode devoted to that. We could have a crazy, traumatic, action-packed episode and we could have a fun karaoke scene to open it up. I like that kind of stuff. Just to see us letting loose, not doing anything that has to do with being Team Flash. Just kind of hanging out and see it lead into some craziness. That’s fun. We haven’t done a lot of that. I feel like it’s just been drama and craziness the whole season.”

Watch the entire interview above.

The Flash season 6 premieres October 8, 2019.