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SDCC 2019 Interview: Hartley Sawyer Talks THE FLASH

We sat down with Hartley Sawyer at San Diego Comic-Con and talked Ralph Dibny’s character development and what’s in store for season 6 of The Flash.

If you are familiar with the comics, you’ll know that Sue Dearbon is an important character in Ralph Dibny’s story. There was a hint last season that we will be seeing her soon on The Flash and Hartley confirmed she will be showing up.

“We’re going to be playing that out throughout season 6, which I’m really excited about because that’s such a huge part of Ralph Dibny; that whole thing, Ralph and Sue. We are going to meet her this season, we are going to see her, I can’t tell you when. But he will be pursuing, kind of following her journey. And then they will meet and kind of take it from there. And I’m really really excited about that. That’s something I’ve been wanting to do obviously for a long time. Probably the question I got more than anything is when is Sue coming. And I am super happy that we didn’t do it any earlier than now. I think it would’ve been too early. That’s one of the things we spoke about when I started was like let’s get this guy ready for that, in the long run. From where he was in season 4 to where he is now he’s grown and evolved so much. I love playing him and I loved doing that evolution and all those character arcs to bring him where he is. And now I think he’s ready, he’s ready for love baby!”

Hartley has been pushing to show off his character’s detective skills and it looks like we’ll be getting more of that in season 6.

“There’s going to be so many aspects of that that are really going to be what he brings to the team and what he pursues in the season. Finally getting to that point where he is the detective that he is in the comics, and only going to progress throughout the season and become better and better. I’ve always said from day one, you know that’s kind of really his superpower. I know the stretchy thing and everything like that but I think deductive reasoning and detective stuff, in the comics anyway, that’s really his superpower. He’s supposed to be second only to Batman maybe. He’s supposed to be one of the most brilliant detective minds and I like that we’ve taken a long time to cook that. “

Over the last season Cisco and Ralph have had a budding bromance. With Cisco giving up his metahuman powers, that relationship will only grow stronger.

“I think they’ll find a lot of common ground there because you know only a couple years ago Ralph didn’t have powers and was a very different person. And now for Cisco to go back to that life, making that choice, and still being a part of the team and everything like that. I think they find some common ground. That was one of the things I really really enjoyed last year was developing that Ralph and Cisco friendship and bond and little bit of a brotherhood there. I thought that was really great stuff so I’m excited to explore that a little more with him now that he does not have his powers.”

One of the things Hartley is excited for in the new season is the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Of course they can’t reveal much about the episodes, bu expect big changes to the Arrowverse.

“All roads lead to Crisis and we’ve known that since last December. They’ve been talking about that I think for a couple of years. What I do know of Crisis is that it’s going to change the face of the way all of the Arrowverse shows are afterwards. Everything is going to be different after that. It is going to be the biggest one by far, that has ever been done and its going to change the face of the way this whole world works and these different worlds work in an amazing way. I’m really excited for that.”

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The Flash Season 6 will premiere on October 8, 2019 on The CW.