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SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Alexander Calvert from SUPERNATURAL

Alexander Calvert talks about his role as Lucifer’s son in the thirteenth season of SUPERNATURAL.

For quite some time, the core group of Supernatural stars have been Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard. Then Sheppard left the show a couple of seasons ago and we thought it was only going to be the three. But then Alexander Calvert came along and fans took to him pretty much right away.

His role as Jack, the son of Lucifer, came as a welcome surprise and we weren’t sure what this meant for the Winchesters and how he would integrate himself into their small circle, but by the powers that be, it happened, and we’re happy to have him, for however long we can.

So, here we are, seated with Big Al Cal as we talk about his role on the show. One of the first things mentioned was how it was feeling part of the group, to which he jokingly stated, “Anything bad I’m feeling, I can always count on the guys to just make it worse.”

When asked about that scene in which Jack is sullen amongst all the rejoicing people after escape the alternate universe, he responded with the knowledge of understanding his character well.

“Jack definitely has his moments of just like pure alone-ness, where only he can understand, or maybe him and Castiel, they can feel that kind of level that they have. That level of being by themselves.”

As for Jack and getting his powers back in the next season, his guess is as good as ours, it seems. “I don’t make the rules. I don’t know,” he stated regarding the issue of being just a normal human. “I know you can get them back over time. But the issue of how long that will take is kind of up for debate, especially with Jack being a nephilim, so half-human. So, that stuff could take a lot longer. I’m not sure how long that will take. I hope I get my powers back.”

This brings us to what Alex thinks Jack’s biggest challenge will be in season fourteen, which probably makes sense.

“Really struggling to accept how human he is, and how limited his role was,” said Alex. “In the last season, he actually kind of found a place where he was powerful enough where he can actually help people, whereas that all that’s kind of stripped away.”

It was mentioned there would be a time jump in season fourteen, but Alex doesn’t think it’ll be any significant jump, and that it was to “kind of help with the story, and we’re searching for Dean.”

“The great part about longevity of the show is that you do get to see these characters kind of expand and grow with time and how their relationships evolve,” explained Alex. “But Jack and Sam, these four for the season so far is that our focus is finding Dean. Sam, unfortunately, has become a bit of a taskmaster, and is really in charge of managing and seeking out Dean at this point. I know where going to see a focus on the Jack and Cas dynamic this year as well.”

The SPN fam already knows about the excess amounts of jokes and pranks on set, but did Alex? Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for us, no, he did not. “You really have no idea until you’re on set, and then it’s already too late.”

Does he plan on getting back somehow? He definitely wants to, but time can only tell if he becomes successful. J&J have been at this since almost the beginning, but Al Cal might know a secret or two about Ackles at least, and he’s working on something.

“I’m keeping that in the back of my mind.”

We’ll be waiting, Al. We’ll be waiting.

Watch the whole interview in the video above.

(Note: Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I still had my zoom lens on my camera and Alex arrived before I was able to change it to the standard lens, thus the extreme close-up of Alex’s face. To all you Alex Calvert admirers, you’re welcome.)

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