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SDCC Interview: Caity Lotz and Brandon Routh from LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

Legends stars Caity Lotz and Brandon Routh sit down to talk about their characters in season 4.

It was pointed out that Brandon Routh’s character, Ray, had bit of a personality change since he first appeared on Arrow. Routh responded by going into his evolution of the character.

“Ray on Arrow, I think was envisioned one way, and I swam up stream, because I wanted to make him not so much Tony Stark, and him be a more kinder presence. Naturally that just fed in to the comedic abilities of Ray, the comedy gold that could be mined out of a goody two shoes character, a Boy scout character. That worked and the comedy of that worked so I just kept building and morphing Ray into this version.” Lotz added that, “there’s such a rise of the antihero on TV, and I think if I had a kid I’d want my kid to want to be Ray, rather than Heatwave or Constantine.”

With the addition of Constantine to the Legends this season, Lotz delves into how that will challenge Sara in the coming episodes.

“I think Constantine is kind of like the devil on Sara’s shoulder. She got this new hold on life like ‘we did good, we saved the world, I have a girlfriend, maybe my life’s not so bad, maybe I can let people in, maybe I can love people’ and then you have Constantine who’s like ‘I know who you really are, you’re just like me’. And I see him putting in jeopardy the loose hold that she has on this new life. I think he’s going to make it harder.” Routh chimed in with, “As far as Ray’s concerned, I don’t see them having a contradiction or issues. I think Ray is excited about understanding magic and learning about it. Understanding how it works, he’s not going to push it away because it’s not science. I think he’s intrigued by the magic and supernatural.”

They go on to talk about how their characters would react to the new character, Charlie, who wears a familiar face as she is played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers. Watch the full interview above.

Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premieres October 22nd on The CW.

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