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SDCC Interview: Courtney Ford and Matt Ryan from LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

New series regulars Courtney Ford and Matt Ryan talk Legends season 4!

The legends have broken time once again and Courtney Ford and Matt Ryan discuss the more supernatural themes of season 4.

“There’s going to be magic, a supernatural element instead of just the time travel. Still time travel but more mystical magical creatures,” said Ford. Ryan added that, “Yeah, there’s been a lot of bad things unleashed from various different realms and the legends now have to travel to various different time frames to put them back in their cages. The only thing I can say about the first episode is it’s going to be ‘horny’.”

Matt Ryan, who started his run as Constantine on his own short lived show went on the say what it has been like to still be playing this character after his own show was cancelled.

“If Constantine had continued after its first season, then I’d still be playing Constantine now. As an actor, that’s all I would have done. So I got to go off, I got to play on Broadway, I got a play in London, I’ve done another TV show playing an American broadcast journalist based on Edward R. Murrow, and I’m still playing Constantine. When the show was cancelled I was obviously disappointed because I felt I was just getting started. And there’s so many amazing storylines for us to explore, but I’ve still been able to play the character over all these years. And now I get to explore the character in this context with all these different characters.”

“Now I get to explore all of these relationships and a lot of them are new. They’re things we get to discover in the moment rather than taking them from the comic books. It’s a whole different scenario and it’s just great that I’m still playing this character four years after the show got cancelled.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premieres on October 22nd on The CW.