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SDCC Interview: Dominic Purcell and Keto Shimizu of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW


Legends actor Dominic Purcell and Executive Producer Keto Shimizu talk Mick Rory’s character and skipping the Crossover this year.

When asked where he wants his character to go this season, Dominic Purcell was reluctant to make any changes to Mick.

“Honestly, I’m really happy with Mick the character. I think we leave him the way he is. I mean he’s perfectly fine. I think he’s an evolved, fleshed out guy story wise, character wise. I don’t think we have to tinker with him at all. Let Mick do his thing.” EP Keto Shimizu chimed in to say, “Yeah we love the character so much, again we love his story, we love how he has grown the past three years, and we’ll continue to grow him in a way that he continues to be Mick Rory. The Mick Rory that we love, the tension that he brings to ship. That energy, that sometimes you just need someone to grumble and chug a beer. That’s so true to who he is. We don’t want to change it too much, but we will explore other aspects of that character and deepen him a little.”

News recently dropped that Legends would be a part of the crossover in the Arrowverse this season and Shimizu explained that that probably is a good thing.

“For us that means we get more story to ourselves, which we’re totally happy doing. Tonally we are so different from those other shows at this point. It’s hard to jump back into that world with the other Arrowverse shows. And we did it last year and of course it was the gargantuan production. Four 4 shows to do that again and to try and make it bigger, I just don’t think it’s possible. I think the crossovers are going to be a lot different in general than what we’ve seen. Certainly our absence will be felt because they are going to miss us for sure. For us, I think we’re kind of liberated by it. I think we’re going to just do our own thing and have fun.”

When asked if we’d get to see Wentworth Miller this season, Purcell wasn’t sure, but he had nothing but nice things to say about his former costar.

“The invitation is always open. I’m not sure. I hope so, I love Wentworth, I miss him dearly. We have extraordinary chemistry when we work together. Wentworth’s such a gentleman, such a sweet soul, and just a brilliant actor. He’s an asset to any show, and again the door is always open.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premieres October 22nd on The CW.



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