SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Jared Padalecki from SUPERNATURAL

Jared Padalecki talks about Sam’s search for Dean and his leadership role in the fourteenth season of SUPERNATURAL.

Jared Padalecki, affectionately known by fans and co-stars alike as Moose, visited our roundtable to talk about Supernatural and his character’s challenges in the upcoming fourteenth season.  At the time of the interview, he had just celebrated his 36th birthday, hence the belated birthday wishes during the beginning of the interview, and in which he mentions how he feels old. Of course he’s not old, but only older, and yet still handsome as ever.

And now that his character is also older, Sam’s found himself taking on a bigger leadership role than he probably thought he would in seasons prior.

“The leadership part is very different than when he led hunters against the British Men of Letters,” Padalecki explained, noting the difference from a couple of seasons back. “He’s sort of forced into it, but his plate is so full.”

Even the mundane things will probably add up to the stress considering the other people in the bunker. “Sam also has thirty hunters from another planet living in the Men of Letters bunker. So, now you gotta tell them how to hack a computer, and where to buy toilet paper down the road.”

Yeah, we’re sure this is going to take on more of an emotional toll, considering he also has to find Dean and save Dean from Michael’s possession, which can cause a bit of a conflict among the group.

“The hunters and Sam have a similar desire and motivation, but it’s also just ever so slightly different in that Sam wants to save Dean, the Hunters want to kill Michael. Not because they don’t like Dean, but Michael destroyed their planet, he killed their families,” said Jared. “He’s almost in a bit of a powder keg situation because they’re all in his face…”

No doubt. When it comes to trying to control the masses from, he’s going to need a lot more than just his wit, but who knows if aid from Castiel and Jack will even help in this situation. Still, we’re sure Sam’s main concern is just getting Dean back. However, dealing with Dean, if they do get Dean back and get Michael out, will probably also be an interesting challenge. As we’ve seen with Dean, he’s not a very open character when it comes to getting to the sensitive heart of the issue.

“Dean, as we’ve seen in the past, he’s not really the type to open up and go, man, I want to talk about something. That’s just not who he is. But Sam, wonderfully, is sort of uniquely qualified to do it, so it Cas. So, there’s almost a big blessing of, you know, I can see Sam and Cas saying, ‘Dean, let’s talk about this. We’ve almost been there,’ and Dean kind of wanting to move on.”

We know the big brother/little brother relationship between the Winchesters have always been the soul of the series, but we also have this new concept of the Sam and Jack relationship, which can be looked at as also similar to a big brother/little brother thing.

“He feels for Jack. Jack has gone from being probably the most powerful being on the planet to one of the least. He’s a one-year old, y’know, with the responsibilities of a grown man, because he’s a grown man. So, he’s in a very dangerous position where Jack has been able to go (*snaps fingers*), bang, kills three-hundred demons,” said Padalecki. “Now he’s a very lean…human. He’s been around for a year, but he’s never been probably trained, because he’s never needed to, so Sam feels for him, knows he’s a fish out of water, and also knows he can be killed because he’s grace-less. He’s always felt a connection with Jack, and now that Jack really needs him—I mean, Jack’s basically an infant, and so Sam is really trying to make sure Jack’s okay whilst not putting him in a position to be possibly killed, but still trying to find his brother.”

Well, it certainly does seem that despite the amount of people living in the bunker this coming season, it still looks to get us into a more emotional and intimate setting, which co-showrunner Robert Singer did say would be the case.

Supernatural returns to the CW on Thursday, October 11th. We say October can’t get here fast enough.


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