SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Jensen Ackles from SUPERNATURAL

Jensen Ackles talks about the tricks and challenges of playing Michael on SUPERNATURAL!

In the 14th season of Supernatural, Jensen Ackles has a whole new job to focus on. On top of playing Dean, one of the kinetic and comparatively pure Winchester brothers, Ackles is taking on the role of Michael, who has Dean as a vessel and is ready to use his form to enact his (un)holy cleansing.

Ackles’ portrayal of Michael is completely different from his portrayal of Dean, something the actor worked hard at and talked to us about at San Diego Comic-Con!

“I was constantly having to go through checklists in my brain while I was performing,” Ackles said. “There was something I was trying to do with my eyes where I was keeping my eyes a little bigger and not blinking as much. Slowing down the pace of the speech, not making it as colorful, keeping it sort of monotone, and constantly telling myself you are omnipotent, you are omniscient, you can do anything you want; you are the biggest, baddest archangel there is.”

Of course, maintaining that facade is tough, especially when the writers aren’t holding back. From the very first episode, they’re challenging Jensen with Michael’s omnipotent and omniscient skills.

“There was a bit of a fight in the first episode. In fact, in that scene we saw during the panel… I’m just coming back, it’s like a five page scene, by the way. That was half the scene, that we saw. There’s a fight in scene in that scene that we never saw,” he said. “And then they’re like ‘Yeah, I’m gonna have you recite some verses from the Koran, too’ and I’m like ‘I’m sorry, what?’ So not only did I have to learn the Arabic, I couldn’t get any of it wrong, because it’s a verse. It’s a holy verse.”

Thankfully, Jensen talked his way out of doing extensive fight moves while speaking a foreign language: “I called up Andrew [Dabb, executive producer] and said ‘You know, I don’t know that Michael necessarily needs to get his hands dirty.’ And he’s like ‘Oh, I like that. Alright.’ So there is some stunt work that happens– and Michael doesn’t even lift a finger.”

While writer Brad Buckner confirmed that Dean will be back (at least in some capacity) before long, it seems Jensen Ackles is just glad his chilling portrayal of Michael is turning heads.

“While performing, I’m constantly rifling through these thoughts of ‘Stand tall, but be cool,’ so I’m glad that at least some of that came across.”

Watch the interview at the top of the post.

Supernatural returns to The CW for Season 14 on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

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