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SDCC Interview: Jess Macallan from LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

Legends actress Jes Macallan Talks Ava’s relationship with Sara and a brand new set piece this year.

Last season we discovered Ava was a clone from the future! We asked Jes Macallan if we will see that affect Ava and if that will have an impact on her and Sara’s relationship in Season 4.

“We’re going to touch upon the fact that she never really had a childhood, doesn’t know what that feels like, doesn’t have real parents. And because Ava is in a fully committed relationship to Sara, that stuff’s going to come out and start to open up as to what that felt like and the reality of that. I mean if you think about it if you never knew who your real parents were there’s probably some deep stuff that requires a little therapy in there. Yeah, they’re going to work it out.”

When asked if Ava will still be going between the Waverider and the Time Bureau in season 4 Macallan had some cool news to share.

“So this season they built a Time Bureau. It’s stunning. It’s like the west wing in space I keep saying. I walked on set and I was like ‘Oh snap!’ I got an office the size of this room, I’ve got people running around, I’ve got 50 screens, and an emblem. I’m like, this is legitimate here.  So that’s the Washington, DC headquarters, you’ll see a lot of that. Basically me running that with you know, my little Gary, who I love so much. So we’re there and you’ve got Sara on the Waverider running that, and we’re trying this season a little my trying to work together instead of me running around telling them that they keep screwing things up. We’re trying to fix these supernatural fugitives together.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premieres October 22nd on The CW.