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SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Misha Collins from SUPERNATURAL

Misha Collins discusses his role as mentor to Jack in the upcoming fourteenth season of SUPERNATURAL. 

Spending time with Supernatural‘s Misha Collins is never boring what with his dry wit and friendly demeanor. Oh, and there’s just his adorable smile, which sadly he doesn’t get to use often on the show. But we do get to see a little of it here.

After a bit of talking with one of the interviewers about Neil Gaiman, the first thing asked was about the idea of Sam and Castiel teaming up at the beginning of the season, to which Misha confirmed, as there’s one specific goal in mind. “I think everybody is in hunter mode when we come back and we just want to get Dean back.” Misha, however, does not agree with the rumor that Sam is the one to take on the leadership role. “He’s sort of like second in command…right now to Cas.”

Jokes aside, he does say that Castiel and Sam are definitely working as a team, having no conflicts and checking in with each other, which shows the seriousness in which they take in the search for Dean.

What else does the new season come with? Well, a bigger group of characters that’ll be staying at the bunker for one. “We have a much better cast of characters who are working on the team because we brought all these people back from an alternate universe,” said Collins. “Now it’s a little more coordination and a little more logistics. And it seems like Sam is definitely grabbing the reigns on that.” He does comment on the fact that certain things will likely not be addressed too much during the season when it comes to such a large group of people in the bunker. “We not really dealing with any of the bigger questions that come up like does the bunker really have that many beds? Who is doing the shopping and the dishes?”

As for what Castiel’s role is in Jack’s life, it’s a suitable role for the Cas/Jack dynamic, something of a father figure thing, but he doesn’t call it that. “It’s an interesting mentorship, kind of… I’m also partly being his therapist, I think,” admitted Collins. “He is struggling with things that Cas struggled with seven or eight years ago, so I’m uniquely positioned to help him deal with that.”

For those wondering about the angels and how significant their roles will be in this upcoming season, the whole of them isn’t going to be big at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a bigger importance later.

“That issue of what’s going on with Heaven will become a bigger, more important storyline later in the season. There are only 6 to 10 angels left in the world right now and when all those angels are out of Heaven than Heaven itself will sort of deteriorate,” said Collins.

Many know that Misha isn’t just an actor on a series, but that’s he’s also made a name for himself with the GISH and Random Acts charities. How does he do all this along with the show?

“I am currently trying to get a feature off the ground [which he can’t disclose yet] and launching this year’s GISH and Vicki and I are working on a cookbook right now that’s due to the publisher in two weeks,” Misha stated. “And we started this season of Supernatural and we’re doing conventions. And I have two small children. And I’m training for a marathon. So I feel like I have a lot of extra space and time. I’m picking up new hobbies right now.” Of course, he was joking about that last statement, and only said that he’s “kinda trying to figure how to dial it back.”

The 14th season of Supernatural starts Thursday, October 11th.

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