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SDCC Interview: Nick Zano and Phil Klemmer from LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

Nick Zano and Executive Producer Phil Klemmer talk the supernatural elements of season 4, the humor of the show, and much more!

It’s been reported that Legends season 4 will lean more toward the mystical and supernatural. EP, Phil Klemmer shared his hopes for the 4th season.

“I am interested in doing old school, in-camera prosthetics. Not to knock CGI, but as a child of the 80s, I really dig old school monster makeup. I feel like sometimes having limitations forces you to come up with really ingenious ways of doing stuff.”

Last season had some cool episodes that paid homage to classic movies like E.T. and The Exorcist and Klemmer assures us that they will continue to make those types of episodes.

“Definitely. It always helps me to have a genre in mind when you make an episode. We’re kind of doing our version of The Crucible, which doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it’s a funny version of The Crucible.”

One thing I love about the show is that it’s humorous. More so than any other Arrowverse show, but it does tend to have some dark moments. Klemmer goes into why they are able to do so.

“For whatever reason, humor and heavy stuff can co-exist on our show. The concept of the show is so preposterous that I think we’ve been given the liberty to do what you can’t do anywhere else. Forget cable, network, or any of the rest of it. I mean, we’ve been given carte blanche to tell any story, any genre, we want to tell. For better or for worse, I think people are just ready to accept. I think the characters are real, their interactions are true to life, and so it gives us a lot of rope.” Zano added, “We have no rules. Phil and I were talking over hiatus, we could go in any direction, any week we want, but it’s ok because it’s Legends. We can make an E.T. episode. We can change our tone at any time because we exist in this pocket where everyone kind of leaves us alone creatively. And that pocket is kind of special and rare in TV. We’re all aware of it and we don’t take it for granted.”

When asked how Nate would be dealing with his breakup with Amaya he said, “It’s ever present with Nate. Even though other things are occurring, it’s always there. It could always be brought up. Even though we may start in some crazy road, it’s there. And it’s played lightly and we’ll for sure revisit it this season.” Klemmer went on to consider that, “The men of our show are incredibly in touch with they’re feelings. We do a bit of a traditional gender swap on our show. Female characters a lot of the times are the ones doing what men, you know our dad’s generation had to do. You know, grin and bare it, they have to hold down the job and the guys are really dealing with some, you know it’s just fun having a guy like Dominic Purcell and think like what is the most unusual thing he could do. And you’re like, ‘make him a romance novelist’.”

Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premieres October 22nd on The CW.

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